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Egyptian Banded Solifugid
(Galeodes granti)
by Jon Fouskaris
*Information provided by Frank Somma

Egyptian Banded Solifugid

Specimen provided by Frank Somma.
Photo taken by Jon Fouskaris.

       The Egyptian Banded Solifugid is a weird and challenging arachnid pet! Solifugids, also known as sun spiders, camel spiders, or windscorpions, are not spiders or scorpions at all. They belong to their own order - Solifugae. The Egyptian Banded Solifugid is one of the largest species, and it is a perfect example for the order which it represents. The Egyptian Banded Solifugid is a fast and furious arachnid predator that has a front pair of legs modified as feelers, three pairs of running legs, and pedipalps designed to pull their prey directly into their huge "jaws", just like any other solifugid species. These hard-to-get and hard-to-keep arachnids can not be handled, and they are not a starter pet. Egyptian Banded Solifugids are imported occasionally, but imports tend to live for only two to three months in captivity. It is possible that they are old when they arrive. Luckily, the young solifugids tend to do well in captivity, keepers will find that these speedy little creatures eat like horses! In captivity, keepers should provide a large enclosure for their Egyptian Banded Solifugid, with a good amount of substrate for burrowing. They should also provide warmth at all times; see the "Temperature" section for details. The Egyptian Banded Solfugid is an amazing and energetic creature that guarantees a good show for its' keeper. 
Range Found throughout the deserts of Egypt.
Type Terrestrial, but will burrow to some extent.
Diet Babies eat flightless fruit flies, pinhead crickets, and other small insects. Adults eat crickets, other large insects, and small vertebrates.
Full Grown Size 5 to 6 inches.
Growth Fast speed.
Temperature 80 to 85 F, during the day. At night, the temperature should drop to 75 F.
Humidity Around 70%. Adults may drink from a shallow, wide water dish.
Temperament Aggressive and nervous.
Housing Babies can live in a clear plastic deli-container with air holes. Adults can live in a 10 or 15-gallon tank. Floor space is as important as height.
Substrate 4 to 6 inches of sand mixed with either peat moss or potting soil. 
Decor Stones, driftwood, cork bark, etc. make good hiding places.
Other Names Banded Solifugid, Banded Sun Spider, Banded Windscorpion, Banded Camel Spider, Egyptian Banded Sun Spider, Egyptian Banded Windscorpion, and Egyptian Banded Camel Spider.

*Please note that no solifugids possess venom, but they are always fast and aggressive. The bite of this solifugid is painful. This is one of the reasons that people should not handle this solifugid. Affects of this solifugids' natural defenses may vary between people. All solifugids should be considered dangerous, so be careful!

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