Malaysian Orchid Mantis
(Hymenopus coronatus)
by Jon Fouskaris
*Information provided by Frank Somma

Malaysian Orchid Mantis
Specimen provided by Fatt Seng.
Photo taken by Jon Fouskaris.

       Masters of disguise, the rare Malaysian Orchid Mantis is a gem of the insect world! The coloration between specimens varies from pink to yellow to white, allowing the Malaysian Orchid Mantis to blend in with orchid flowers in its' native habitat. This camouflage is good for not being seen by predators, or prey. Malaysian Orchid Mantids are great at catching prey, especially flying insects. The prey doesn't detect the mantis, until it's too late. Feeding a Malaysian Orchid Mantis can be quite a show! This rare species is slightly difficult to breed. With mature males sometimes less than half the size of the adult females, inbreeding is not likely. Molting can be problematic without proper humidity because of the mantids' extended legs. The legs of a Malaysian Orchid Mantis are made to look like the pedals of a flower. Lastly, the Malaysian Orchid Mantis is reputed to be one of the calmest and most docile mantis species out there! So if you're an intermediate keeper looking for a rare and unique mantis to add to your collection, the Malaysian Orchid Mantis is the one for you!
Range Malaysian rainforests, possibly rainforests in the Indonesian Islands.
Type Arboreal.
Diet Babies eat flightless fruit flies, pinhead crickets, and other small insects. Adults eat crickets, moths, flies, and other large insects. 
Full Grown Size Females get up to 4.5 inches. Males get up to 2 inches.
Growth Fast speed.
Temperature Around 80 F.
Humidity Around 75%.
Temperament Docile and calm.
Housing For mantids, a screen cage is best, and is recommended more than any other enclosure. Babies can live in a small screen cage. Adults can live in a large screen cage. Height is more important than floor space.
Substrate 2 to 3 inches of peat moss, or potting soil.
Decor Branches, live plants, vines etc. make good climbing accessories. They also need these decorations to hang upside-down on a branch or a leaf for molting purposes. Moss can be added for floor cover.
Other Names Pink Orchid Mantis.

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