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  Chat Transcript - 9/7/99

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Xenesthis: Hi everybody! Welcome to Jon's site!

Spiderfreak: Todd got any advice for for starting an avic colony I am getting five 1" A. avicularia

troll: hey Todd hows it hanging

Xenesthis: low

Xenesthis: I have a few topics to start out with...here goes

Holeyman: Todd. I got the issue of Webbings today. Great stuff, bro!

Xenesthis: Joe, make sure you tell R. Rink about your issue for me! :)

troll: lol

Holeyman: My pleasure

WebMistress: lol here too

Xenesthis: Topic # 1: Husbandry -substrate

Xenesthis: Every year, we hear the debates about the best substrates...

Xenesthis: Pet stores have been giving bad advice for years...

WebMistress: I have my male and female "usambaras " that I bred on 100% peat, The female has a 6 inch borrow in it.

Doug: I use potting soil

Doug: easy and safe

Chuck: I say we keep them all on 3 lays of ceramic tile

Spiderfreak: Is it true that Bed-a-Beast kills arachnids?

Doug: I used to use Jungle Mix and

Doug: I ended up with mites!

Holeyman: I use a commercial mix called jungle growth tree and shrub planting mix. It's sand peat decomposed bark and a small amount of fine vermiculite. For deep burrowers I add some Lizard litter jungle mix for structure. I also use some Hyponex bagged topsoil

Xenesthis: I'm my keeping experiences with over 90 different species, the best over-all substrate is peat moss or peat moss/vermiculite mix.

Spiderfreak: I've been using Bed-a-Beast for 2 years

troll: potting soils ok long as it don't contain any fertilizers which quite a few do gotta be careful there I lost a few T to what I suspect was the fertilizer in the soil

Heretic: that's what I use...very happy with the classic mix

Poecilotheria: Terence has to leave his burrow right now....see you guys another time.

Jon: Bye Terence.

Xenesthis: Don't use gravel, sand, "astro-turf" or cedar bark.

Xenesthis: These are all bad in one way or another.

troll: I've just started using peat seems ok cept for when it dries out

Heretic: Holeyman...you use sand...do you find it gets kind of messy mixed in with peat?

Poecilotheria: Hmm..where's the logout button? LOL. (Oh, there it is!)

WebMistress: Yea don't let it dry completely it dries up like a empty lake

troll: what about a little reptile sand mixed in??

Xenesthis: Sand doesn't work well with any kind of moisture or water nearby.

Heretic: reptile sand is very pricey

Holeyman: The sand is mixed well with the other matter. I haven't had any problems.

Doug: true

sam_I_am: hi all

Xenesthis: This new product called "Bed-a-Beast" has killed some of my prized Ts.

Heretic: hey

WebMistress: I also like 100% vermiculite.

Heretic: what's in bed o beast?

Spiderfreak: Why did it dry out?

WebMistress: Does it have cems or something

Joy: Is astroturf all bad? I have all mine on vermiculite, except one B. smithi I acquired as an adult. She couldn't be happy until I made her tank half astroturf, half vermiculite. Seems to work OK so far

Xenesthis: If you keep desert/scrubland species, it is o.k. dry

sam_I_am: I use naturebed

gunrunner: the pet stores put everything on sand

troll: ya ok I haven't tried it with any of the species that require higher humidity but I've got it mixed in for C.lamanai and brachys and it doesn't seem too bad there

Xenesthis: But, NEVER keep rainforest species on bed-a-beast

gunrunner: stores even

Heretic: even put fish on sand

Spiderfreak: None of mine have died from it

Holeyman: I don't like vermiculite for larger Ts. Sticks to their "fur" and doesn't hold a burrow well. I do sometimes use it for small s'lings. Extra fine grade.

gunrunner: if they thought it lived in a desert they would

Spiderfreak: why does it kill?

troll: ya doesnt it release toxic fumes as it breaks down in high humidity (bed a beast)

Xenesthis: If the bed-a-beast gets tt, it grows a white fungus that quickly spreads throughout the tank

WebMistress: EEewwww

Doug: mix in potting soil with vermiculite for a firm burrow

Heretic: peat looks very nice when it is uniformly damp

Xenesthis: When wet, the fungus takes over the tank in less than two days and covers the T-killing it quickly.

troll: yikes!!!

Heretic: yeah but what's it made of?

Spiderfreak: Coconut shell I think (Bed a beast)

Holeyman: Most potting soil mixes have perlite. I don't like any kind of white stuff in there. Makes it to hard to spot spitballs and vermin.

Xenesthis: I lost a gravid Pamphobeteus ornatus to that bed-a-beast.

sam_I_am: somone tell me about the lighting thing.. red or black bulbs

WebMistress: Red

gunrunner: red

gunrunner: I have heard they cant see the red in the spectrum

WebMistress: They can't?

WebMistress: 25 watts is good.

Joy: I have heard they can't see blue, either--I think it's in the Schultz's book

sam_I_am: but my spidy seems to stop moving when I turn the red on, any reason for this ?

WebMistress: Probably senses your vibs

gunrunner: oh spider...I' m thinking Scorp

Heretic: maybe it notices a rise in temp

gunrunner: thinking even

Heretic: maybe it doesn't like the hollywood bar scene

Joy: But a rise in temp ought to make it more active, right?

sam_I_am: i use 2 15 watt reds.. I tried with just one same thing

troll: maybe you shouldn't turn the red light off

sam_I_am: troll good point never thought of that .. thank you

troll: any pointers on breeding E.campestratus?

gunrunner: dont cross breed it with a husky

Xenesthis: O.k. , topic # 2, Breeding tips for species

Heretic: Todd, it's well known you are trying to breed X. immanis...any tips?.

Spiderfreak: Any tips for A. geniculata?

Joy: Ooh, those X. immanis are so pretty. I'm longing for one

Xenesthis: O.K., my experiences with the famous X. immanis

Xenesthis: I've been trying for four years now.

Xenesthis: It took me two years just to get a successful mating.

Holeyman: What's the problem. Why wouldn't they breed?

Heretic: did you provide your females with a shelter or burrow?

WebMistress: of course he did, right?

Xenesthis: The hardest thing about mating Xenesthis spp. is that the females won't "lift" up for the proper angle for palp insertion.

WebMistress: Why is that?

troll: what size of a tank were you using with the Xi?

Xenesthis: I have used 10 and 20 long, gallon tanks

Joy: Hey, Jon, speaking of breeding, I notice on your tips you suggest using a screen to separate male and female while mating. Have you tried this and does it work?

Jon: Joy, that's the one tip that I haven't tried, and actually it wasn't mine. You see, a previous chat guest Carl Sandefer (centipede expert) mentioned it on the chat, and I thought it was a good enough tip, so I put it up.

Heretic: I've heard the female rarely displays aggression to the male.. is this true in your experience?

Chuck: I have a female Peruvian pinktoe.. when you get around to it, could you tell me how to take this tarantula and get more smaller tarantulas?

donatien: Don't want to sound like a fool...but what about breeding in regards to C. crawsahyi?

Joy: Yeah, C crawshayi? Is it the impossible dream? Mike you've tried this, no?

Doug: C

donatien: ...I'm asking because I'm gearing up to mate an attempt this saturday....

Spiderfreak: Any breeding tips for A. geniculata?

Xenesthis: Timing is crucial. Always use a female that molted at least 2-3 months ago, but not over six.

troll: nope haven't tried it but asked around a lot about it wanting to my girl died before I could locate a male though

donatien: I have...it was an A. hentzi

Heretic: timing for immanis or crawshayi?

Joy: Our local pet store's got an immature male C. crawshayi. I've got a mature female. It's a temptation.

Xenesthis: Always use males that matured two weeks ago to six months. Over that, the male is probably weakening and the female knows it.

Heretic: you're still talking immanis right, not crawshayi?

Xenesthis: X. immanis can be aggressive to their males, but it helps to have a recently matured male over 6".

Xenesthis: X. immanis females will "lock up", but seem not willing to lift up for the male.

Heretic: Todd, how big does a mature female immanis actually get? Are they always kind of slender, or do they get stockier as adults?

Xenesthis: X. immanis female gets to 8.5".

WebMistress: My usambaras mated about a month ago, They live together. How come the male still makes sperm webs??

troll: have you tried positioning the female on higher ground then the males?

WebMistress: My rose hairs did it like that, she was on higher ground he was having a hard time balancing

WebMistress: How many people here have had a spiderling go awall?

Joy: I haven't had any spiderlings go AWOL, but we had a A. chalcodes escape just last week. Found her under the sofa, just hanging around

WebMistress: Glad you found it!

Joy: Yes, now I have to start going to church!

Heretic: I lost an auratum awhile ago...found it a few weeks later (while looking for a missing chameleon) dead from getting stuck in it's molt

WebMistress: I opend up my couch one day to find a cobalt blue spiderling, who is now in the care of spiderfreek

Joy: A cobalt blue, huh? Now that's scary!

Spiderfreak: Did you lose it before or just find it?

WebMistress: I lost it silly!

Spiderfreak: That's what I thought

WebMistress: There aren't any Tarantulas where I live, none that I know of

Heretic: Do seasonal influences play apart in the immanis breeding?

troll: with Ts in general would you breed a female right after maturing or wait a year or two first?

Xenesthis: Onto another topic, "Difficult species to mate/breed"

Heretic: that's a different topic?

WebMistress: Definetly not the "usambara"

Xenesthis: The following species have proved to be difficult to breed or get eggsacs from:

Xenesthis: ...P. antinous, C. cyaneopubescens, M. robustum, C. fasciatus

Heretic: what about brazilopelma

Xenesthis: Someone go tell those mailing list subscribers where the party is!

Joy: Speaking of Brazilopelma, I've got a newly matured male who's looking for love. Does ANYBODY know ANYBODY who's breeding these?

Heretic: bridges?

Xenesthis: Concerning Brazilopelma, there are no mature adults in the U.S. yet.

troll: I though Nigel had a couple?

Heretic: I beg to differ...Mark Hart has some mature adults.. as do other's I heard of.. in fact joy has one..

Heretic: Nigel would be one of those others

Joy: Yeah, I e-mailed M. Hart, but didn't hear from him. He sold me mine as an immature. It's a beautiful spider

Xenesthis: I take that back, a guy has a mature male I know of no mature females. I talked to Mark last week-no breedable females.

Heretic: Apparently mark had a BIG female at the recent San Diego show.. don't know if it was mature though

Xenesthis: Mark's females was in Orlando. She was 5", but not big enough yet.

Heretic: Yeah I didn't see his girl just heard about it...guess someone embellished to me a bit

Heretic: joy, do you have any brachy for sale/trade?

Joy: No, I'm hanging on to all my brachs just now, unless I get a male. I've got a B. boehmi, who's within a moult of maturing

sam_I_am: what are the good books for newbies like me to read.?

Xenesthis: O.k., best books topic:

Joy: You can' beat Sam Marshall's book--Tarantulas and other Arachnids

Heretic: shultz

Joy: Yeah, I like the Schultz's book next best.

Poecilotheria: Hey Todd, are antinous really that hard to breed?

Doug: does anyone have experience w/ white collared tarantulas?

WebMistress: Some one mailed me a Rose Hair Egg sac What are the chances of it hatching, it is 100% an egg sac.

Heretic: Todd, one last thing about Braziloplema. To your knowledge how many bloodlines are there in the US?

Xenesthis: Only 3 bloodlines in U.S. of Brazilopelma

Xenesthis: Current subject: best books

sam_I_am: shultz.... that's the name of the book?

Joy: No, sorry--it's the Tarantula Keeper's Guide

sam_I_am: thank you Joy

Xenesthis: #1: Tarantulas & other Arachnids by Sam Marshall -why? NO mis-info, no or little mistakes, good, over-all book

TxFang: evening all

Erich: Todd, is there a Phoneyusa(lesserti) bigger than H. hercules

Poecilotheria: Todd, have you successfully produced P. antinous and P. fortis?

Xenesthis: Please, one question at a time...

Heretic: I hear Baxter's book is good

Joy: Baxter's book isn't bad, but it's a bit outdated. Good pix, but mostly old names, which can be confusing

donatien: I have the Baxter book...it's ok

Xenesthis: #2 book: Tarantulas Keeper's Guide by Schultz & Schultz, why? Very in-depth, but I disagree with the chapters on substrate and handling.

Heretic: yeah they like their gravel huh?

Heretic: the breeding chapter is good though

Joy: Yes, and I like the Schultz's cross reference on common names

Heretic: yeah the name section is very useful joy

Joy: Only the pet shops keep thinking up new ones!

WebMistress: So many names so little time

sam_I_am: baxters is the name if the book right ?

Joy: No, Sam, sorry again. It's Keeping and Breeding Tarantulas

sam_I_am: thank you again Joy

Xenesthis: #3 book: "Keeping & Breeding Tarantula in Captivity by R. Baxter, why? Great photos!, good info on breeding, great photos of female/male Pokies

sam_I_am: Pokies??

Erich: Poecilotheria

Joy: It's a nickname for Poecilotherias, Sam. Don't worry, I'm right here for you

sam_I_am: thank you Joy

Heretic: Ann Webb's book is terrible.. especially the layout and photos

Xenesthis: Anybody tell those mailing list folks that the party is here?

pfiefe: yeah, a couple of emails just came through!

Joy: Maybe the mailing list folk are having the same difficulty logging on that I did. Since school started it's been impossible in the P.M.

Xenesthis: Where's Joe G. now?

Heretic: Joe thought you were doing fine all by yourself!

Spiderfreak: Any1 know where Yuri Is I thought he'd be here?

Erich: Yuri told me he was gonna be here?

Xenesthis: Yeah, where's Yuri??? He loves X. immanis. Someone should email him to join in.

Spiderfreak: Todd you and Yuri were going to breed your immanis weren't you?

Xenesthis: Yeah, Yuri and I had a deal set up, but my male was killed by Doug Wheeler's female

Xenesthis: Next topic, breeding Brachypelma & Aphonpelma:

WebMistress: I would love to breed B. smithi

Joy: Me, too, Webmistress. It's a long-term plan of mine, but I gotta get a male first

WebMistress: Same here Joy. I will someday!!

Xenesthis: Brachy & Aphon are fairly easy to mate, but you have to have mature adults, timed good (molt-wise) and watch out as the females usually are aggressive when the males pull out.

troll: ya this year I lost 3 males to two of my females (A.anax)

WebMistress: Sacrifice

Joy: Yes, I guess it wouldn't hut to have more than one male!

Heretic: the 2 times I've mated my emilias the female jumps straight on her man...need me to macguyver him out of there!

WebMistress: lol

Heretic: and I heard they were docile post coitus

WebMistress: I love B.smithi My next breeding project!

WebMistress: Thanks for the info Xenesthis

troll: I was told by Nigel to rotate 2 males on 1 female

WebMistress: 2 males on 1 female, how do you go about this?

WebMistress: Wait a week or a couple of days or something? troll?

Joy: Oh, I heard about that. Apparently the males never attack each other. You just leave them in the cage with her, right?

troll: ya wait a day though I was introducing one male in right after the first hightailed it out of there and then a 3rd and they mated just fine (A.anax)

WebMistress: Troll, can you do this with other sp. or just the Emilia?

troll: anax not emilia, I don't know I've only tried it with this one species

WebMistress: Sorry, I'm still learning all my scientific names when there are this many I get confused, I know the Brachepelma's fairly well though. Sorry bout that!

WebMistress: typo

sam_I_am: what is the easiest to breed

Joy: I've heard B. vagans is easy to breed.

Heretic: todd do you have another male? how many immanis do you have?

Xenesthis: My X. immanis males have several females to breed, ask me about breeding loans in two months.

Heretic: wasn't asking about a breeding loan just inquiring how many you had

Xenesthis: Heretic, I have two X. immanis males (mature)

Xenesthis: Current topic: Breeding Brachypelma & Aphonpelma spp.

casper: does anyone know of anyone who deals tarantulas in canada? or ships to canada?

Joy: Jon used to have a list of canadian dealers in his resource section

Jon: I still have an "Other Countries" section, it's under "Market Place" - "Dealers". It's at: http://www.petbugs.com/resources

Jon: You can find Canadian dealers there.

casper: ya I tried most of them are asking for a high price. I am looking for a good deal on red knee's

casper: well I am looking for someone on the west coast

casper: I'll take a look at the market place and see

Xenesthis: Somebody asked me about P. fortis. They, along with all Pamphos are easy to breed, so gentle during and after mating, BUT P. antinous doesn't fit this description.

Xenesthis: O.k., OPEN FORUM TIME -ask me any question you'd like

donatien: C. crawshayi??!!!

Erich: Is there a Phoneyusa that is bigger than H.hercules

Xenesthis: P. lesserti is supposed to be bigger than H. hercules, but H. scepticus can get to 10.5"

Joy: What do you sell your X. immanis lings for?

Heretic: yeah good question...what do think the market value of immanis slings would be if you're successful?

Xenesthis: X. immanis 3/4"-1" for $45-55

Chuck: err

WebMistress: What are the chances of a rose hair sac that was mailed to me, for it to hatch with out mama Rose Hair.

Hobo: are your male immanis of two bloodlines

Spiderfreak: Any advice for setting up an avic colony I'm getting five 1" A. avicularias

Xenesthis: A. avicularia is "somewhat" communal, better than other Avics

WebMistress: I have a texas tan, I knew it was A. but the rest I was clueless. Thanks

sam_I_am: Xen.. I need to I.D. my tarantula what is the best place to do this... or find info on him/her

Erich: Thanks Todd

Erich: Do you have a mature Hysterocrates didymus?

Xenesthis: H. didymus is controversial. NO females were imported and Rick West believes the "male" H. didymus is really H. apostolicus

Spiderfreak: I mean how big of AN ENCLOSURE WOULD THEY NEED?

Joy: I'd say as big as possible, Spiderfreak. From what I've heard, the more space they have, the less likely they are to predate on one another

WebMistress: More hiding places than T's pat! Keep em well, well fed

WebMistress: Xenesthis are you married?

Xenesthis: Xenesthis is taken. sorry WebMistress.

WebMistress: Oh-well.....

sam_I_am: where do I go to I.D. my spidy ???

Spiderfreak: You put that question up in my forum at tarantula world didn't you?

sam_I_am: Spiderfreak, yes I did. I am asking all of the place trying to get some answers

Spiderfreak: What's it's behavior like?

donatien: sam...do you have any moults saved?

sam_I_am: nope just got him/her... the store said bird eater, I dont think s by all the pictures I have seen on the internet. So I need help

Joy: t he pet stores call any large spider a bird eater. There's one in a local store called a Java bird-eater I wasn't familiar with. According to the Schultz's book, it's probably Selenocosmia javanensis

WebMistress: Mail a pic of it to the news groups sam_I_am

Spiderfreak: What does it look like sam?

sam_I_am: Spiderfreak.. I would say the closest thing is a Earth Tiger but it dark brown instead of yellow , which is what I have see on here

Joy: You know, Sam, I just looked up the description of S. javanensis and it says brown with grayish yellow carapace. Does this sound like your spider?

sam_I_am: mean.. stands on back legs, legs straight out, strikes pretty quick... Joy no yellow though, short hairs

pfiefe: well it's really hard to id a tarantula based just on a photo

sam_I_am: I really cant find any pictures like it on the net. and I have sat here for days looking

Spiderfreak: Have you looked at Arachnorway they have a huge gallery?

WebMistress: Yea I saw there gallery spiderfreak Its good I think Lots of great pics.

Spiderfreak: here's the UrL http://www.developweb.com/aracno

sam_I_am: no I haven't but I will when we are done here , Thank You

sam_I_am: thank you spiderfreak, you guys are really cool in here. Yall know each other something?

donatien: WebMistress...that doesn't always work, I did just that and got a false ID

WebMistress: oh

donatien: so , now I'm waiting a year for a new moult to send to someone...probably the ATS people...

WebMistress: Where did you get the spider donatien?

donatien: long story...she was a rescue project....


Xenesthis: A. urticans and most arboreals are fairly easy to mate and get eggsacs from

Chuck: :-D

Erich: what is everybody's rarest tarantula?

Joy: My rarest is my B. coloratovillosum, unfortunately. I've been trying to find a mate for him

WebMistress: I have a sun tiger, don't know if she is rare, but she it a beauty!

Heretic: troll's rarest T is a dicTionary

Joy: LOL

Heretic: just kidding with ya troll!

troll: groovie

troll: rarest is Cyriocosmus sp. - Columbian dwarf followed by a real H.hercules

Erich: yeah I have some two true female hercules

troll: who ided them?

Heretic: this whole hercules thing is amusing to me..if no one but a taxonomist can tell the difference, who cares which one you have???

Joy: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make any noise?

donatien: can anyone tell me if they've ever seen an A. seemani without the lighter underbody?

Joy: Not me, donatien. Mine are all light underneath

donatien: shoot...oh well, sorry, I tried! =)

Heretic: joy what state are you in?

Joy: Michigan

Joy: Or a state of confusion!

Chuck: I'M in a state of depression

Chuck: for my female pinktoe has no male

Chuck: poor poor pinktoe.

Chuck: so freshly moulted and alone

Joy: Try Prozac, Chuck

donatien: Chuck...where are you at? I have a mature male A. avic...

Chuck: this is a peruvian pinktoe.

WebMistress: GRAMMOSTOLA CALA EGG SAC, will it hatch without mommie, I keep it at high room temp, and barely moist???

donatien: WebMistress>> why wouldn't it?

WebMistress: I don't know, some one mailed it to me, never done this before

Xenesthis: Eggsac incubation is the most difficult thing to do in the hobby

donatien: well, I would say, do as much reading as you can and give it a go...can't hurt to try, right?

WebMistress: How should I care for the Egg Sac?

Poecilotheria: I always pull out the sac after a couple weeks and incubate myself. I haven't had any problems whatsoever

Joy: Cause the females sometimes eat them.

WebMistress: I've heard that joy.

Xenesthis: Put the eggsac in a 16 ounce deli cup with 1" slightly moist peat moss in the bottom, with panty hose or nylon net to hold the sac

Xenesthis: No air holes in the cup

Heretic: no airholes???

WebMistress: No air holes. Is it o.k. to move it It is now on vermiculite.

Xenesthis: vermiculite is fine

WebMistress: Thank you so much!!!

Joy: You need to roll the egg sac around now and then like Mama does, don't you?

Xenesthis: O.k. I'm winding down, anymore quick questions, one at-at-time please, wait for me to answer each one

Poecilotheria: OK, have you produced antinous and fortis?

Poecilotheria: How did the mating for those 2 species go?

Xenesthis: I've mated two female P. fortis now. Perfect matings

Poecilotheria: Cool. I have plans to breed fortis soon. Just need them to mature. What about antinous?

sam_I_am: on line dealers are they better than pet stores anyone? and why ?

WebMistress: There cheaper, and have more of what you are looking for.

Spiderfreak: yes there are to many reasons to say why there better

Erich: adios everybody

Heretic: sam all online dealers are criminals...always buy from petstores!

WebMistress: Criminals why do you say this?

Heretic: I'm just kidding! Only some of them!

WebMistress: lol

WebMistress: Some pet stores can be criminal too

Heretic: I thought most of them were criminal!

WebMistress: Still help out the other half from time to time myself, (the pet stores)

Joy: Yes, it's too true, webmistress. I want to buy up all their suffering spideys and forbid them to sell any more.

WebMistress: me too my eyes hurt

WebMistress: I got really rude with a store one day, they had their tarantulas all set up wrong, of course they had no idea what i was talking about. Left with the T of course

Joy: Depends on the dealer, Sam. And the Pet Store. We have good pet stores and bad ones here. But yes, on line is cheaper and more variety, definitely

Spiderfreak: c-ya erich

Xenesthis: "On-line" dealers are specialists,and 99% of the time, better than pet stores

WebMistress: I agree

Poecilotheria: TODD, what about P.antinous? Any experience with them?

Xenesthis: P. antinous are very difficult to mate sometimes. The biggest problem is females rarely lay eggsacs in captivity. Of all the thousands of P. antinous, did you ever hear about gravid P. antinous dropping eggsacs? -NOT!

Poecilotheria: Do males often get eaten?

Xenesthis: O.k., last five minutes for me

sam_I_am: thank you all.. I have one final question for everyone then I must be going... the docile tarantulas how docile are they and how much of an attitude difference is there across the spectrum of tarantulas are there... from harmless to real meanies?

Xenesthis: Concerning "docile" Ts, please go buy a copy of "Critter's USA Magzine" annual 2000 issue. It contains two articles that I wrote on tarantulas and millipedes

troll: E.campestratus breeding?

Heretic: how many X Monstrosa in the US?

Xenesthis: Only one "real" X. monstrosa in the U.S., she is 9", I've had her since '95, she is on my 3D Tarantula Poster.

Heretic: how can you be so sure of that todd?

Poecilotheria: How can you be so sure there's only 1 real thing in the US?

Joy: I'll have to look at that poster again!

Xenesthis: I'm very sure about X. monstrosa. I've looked at molts, photos and studied all literature on these. All supposed "X. monstrosa" have proved to be mis-identfied except for mine.

Xenesthis: I've never seen spiderlings of monstrosa

Heretic: why are they so rare? are there many in europe?

Joy: Sam, I have an Avic, a desert bonde, and a couple Brazilian Blacks that are as gentle as kittens--gentler than lots of kittens! And I have a cobalt blue we call Muerte...

Poecilotheria: Anyone here know if there's a different between Pamphobeteus platyomma and Vitalius platyomma?

Xenesthis: it is V. platyomma, the Germans insist on using Pamphobeteus for some reason.

Poecilotheria: Do the lings have the christmas markings of Pampho?

Poecilotheria: No, I mean lings of V. platyomma

Xenesthis: Yes, platyomma babies have orange abdomens with x-mas pattern in black

Poecilotheria: OK, thanks Todd.

sam_I_am: thank you all, you have answerd many of my question... hope to see you all soon, hopefully I'll be better informed on my spidy.. thank you.. night all

donatien: g'nite Sam...and good luck!

Jon: Good night Sam.

Spiderfreak: bye

Joy: Good night, Sam. Hurry back!

Xenesthis: Night Sam!

Heretic: these spiders wrongly ID'd as monstrosa, what did they turn out to be?

Heretic: and from a pic I saw of your monstrosa it looks very much like a black blondi. Would you agree with this?

troll: breeding campestratus????

Xenesthis: I'm breeding E. campestratus now, the females have been aggressive so far, no good matings

troll: ahh thanx good luck with them

sam_I_am: thank you once again, do you guys meet at certain times of the month or once a week. how does it work... or just when the postings come up for a chat?

Xenesthis: O.k. gotta close, Thanks to Jon for his great site!

troll: been a pleasure

Jon: Todd, thanks for hosting this chat night. You were very helpful, maybe we can setup another chat session in the future.

Xenesthis: O.k. I'll coordinate with Jon to do more chats in the future, be sure to visit the rest of Jon's site and also WEBBINGS at www.petbugs.com/webbings and my site at www.angelfire.com/fl/TAGWORKS...Goodnight!

Joy: Thank you, Todd. And thank you, Jon. Lots of fun and very informative

Spiderfreak: bye Todd

Jon: Good bye.

troll: gnight

Joy: Mike, what are E. campestratus? I never heard of that species


Deen: Paraguayan Pink Zebra

Heretic: c'mon monstrosa???

Heretic: answer my q's please?

Heretic: c'mon todd tell me???

Xenesthis: Heretic, what's your question?

Heretic: ok again...why are monstrosa so rare? Are there more in Europa? Does monstrosa look like a black T Blondi, as a pic I saw of yours did?

Heretic: thanks!

Xenesthis: montrosa comes from Colombia, they look like X. immanis, but gets a little larger and are not as colorful. Colombia is closed to exports, so we can't get any wild-caught Xenesthis spp. anymore, and montrosa is rare in its range

donatien: ok...where can I get to see pics of these T's?

Spiderfreak: well c-ya every1 I'm leavin 2 gotta a test to study for bye thanks todd!

WebMistress: Bye spiderfreak

sam_I_am: great job Jon ( the chat) excellent work

Jon: thanks

Jon: My webmaster modified this script, not me though sam. His e-mail address is: webmaster@petbugs.com

troll: this script works pretty well your dad did a good job Jon

Jon: thanks, my Dad's in the comp. room w/ me and he says thanks too.

Joy: Good night, everybody. I go now to dream of Pink Zebra Beauties and X. immanises!

Xenesthis: Anymore Qs, email me at: tgearhea@peganet.com

Jon: Thanks Todd!

Xenesthis: Goodnight everyone...I'm outta here :)

donatien: G'nie

WebMistress: Its been real interesting thanks all!

troll: have a good one Todd

donatien: anyone planning on hanging around for a bit?

Chuck: Why is it so hard to know what my T is, let alone find her a matching male. hehe

donatien: you don't know what she is Chuck? Don't feel alone...I'm in the same boat w/one of mine...

troll: its an avic and there hard to id too many look alikes

donatien: hmmm...I take that back.....I really don't have a clue what mine is

Chuck: I was told she was Peruvian,, but she is so.,,,, I dont know.. good god. lol

donatien: These T's are sorta becoming an obsession for me......too dang beautiful

troll: lol ya they are alot like being addicted to herion

donatien: hehehe....ok..I have a question, I'd like to get the opinion of all of you that are still here.....

troll: shoot away donatien

Jon: well guys, I have to go because the webmaster has to work on the server problems we've been having.

troll: do we have to go for Mike to work on the server?

troll: have a good one Jon

Jon: You can continue chatting, it won't affect you. Cya'!

donatien: bye Jon

Jon: bye everybody, thanks for coming.

donatien: ok...thanks....what would you all say if I said that I was thinking of trying to become...an arachni medicine specialist?

Erich: go for it

donatien: I'm going to school to be a vet...specializing in exotics....but I'm going to try and see if can double major in arachnidology.....

donatien: you don't think that I sound nutso?

Erich: not really

donatien: I have a LOOOOONG way to go...but it kinda gives me chills just thinking about it, I get so excited...

Erich: I'll see you guys later

donatien: ok, bye! and thanks for the input...

troll: no my wifes goign to school for anthropology and is going to get a double major in art.. then again shes a loon

donatien: lol...awwww c'mon!

donatien: I guess I'm just wondering if it's even a realistic goal...

troll: couldnt say for sure but they way I look at it nuthn wrong with learning

troll: welp i gotta go been fun cya

donatien: hehe...thts the kinda thing that I wanted to hear! Thanks!



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